Sunday, September 7, 2014

9am - 5pm. Harvard University Sailing Center, Charles River, Boston, MA

This one-of-a-kind team race is an opportunity for chix of all ages to battle it out on the race course. This annual event continues to grow and is now in its 11th year!

ONLINE REGISTRATION (Free shirt if done by August 14)

2013 Event Summary:

Chix Only Team Race was a wild success. The regatta had record numbers for the 10th annual celebration. It took place on Saturday, August 24 at the Harvard Boat House. Many thanks to Harvard and MIT for donating their fleets and space for the event. 
The 9 chix teams competed in a full round robin and completed a silver and gold round. We sailed 52 races in all. The Vampire Puppies (Becca Dellenbaugh, Rachel Moncton, Emily Dellenbaugh, Janel Zarkowsky, and Tanya Cuprak) beat the RWU Hawks Peacocks (Amanda Callahan, Abby Preston, Rachel Perry, Breanne Baldino, Nikki Medley, Sam Bobo ) in a tiebreaker for the win. The breeze was perfect with 5-11 knots and Charles' River shifts. Many thanks to the non-chix who served as Race Committee: Spencer Powers, Mark Rinaldi, and Evan Cooke!
Results 2013:
  1. Vampire Puppies
  2. RWU Hawks Peacocks
  3. Cousins
  4. TJB
  5. Eagles
  6. MIT
  7. Miss Match
  8. Sail Maine
  9. North Kingstown


2011 Results